Giedrius Jaloveckas — I’m an interdisciplinary designer and developer, who’s in love with the intersection between technologies and design.

Over the past decade, I had a pleasure to work for several well-know companiesVinted — Case Study and startupsTrafi — Case Study, where I lead both design and front-end development, built design systemsVinted Design System and helped rebrand the productsTrafi Branding.

At the moment, I’m working as a Product Designer for, while mainly focusing on the future of design tools, design systems and augmentation of human creativity.

In the evenings, I spend my time organizingPatterns Meetup and talkingFresh Meetup Vol. 4 at meetups, consulting and mentoringFresh UX Academy, writing and watching old

I'm always looking for interesting projects, collaborations and meaningful conversations, so drop me an or a